The Stacks in Vermont

Good to stroll down a long row of books on my way to that vacant solo cubicle by the window. A little whiff of virtue accompanied me (YES I’m going to get so much work done this afternoon!) followed by, now, knots of shame in my shoulders (reading emails and cruising social media are neither work nor play – even if I did enjoy The New Yorker’s tweeted mash-up of short fiction love stories on this Valentine’s Day.)

CHOCOLATE_BLISS_COVERMuch of Chocolate Bliss was written in libraries, so I’ll get there.  Hear that, new book?  You will get there.  I’m just warming up.  Outside it is 19 degrees and snowing.  I think I just heard someone snoring.  Not me, though.  I’m working.  #middlebury @middlebury

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