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CHOCOLATE BLISS by Susie Norris www.chocolatebliss.biz

Food Market Gypsy, Susie Norris, Jacqueline Rogers, cookbooks, children's books, illustrationMany children’s books illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers www.jacquelinerogers.com


Hand-crafted Candy Bars by Susie Norris & Susan Heeger www.handcraftedcandybars.com

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Susie Norris, Food Market Gypsy, A Baker's Passport, cookbooks, baking books, baking recipes, cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, bread, chocolate, confections A BAKER’S PASSPORT:

sweet & savory recipes for world classics
by Susie Norris
Drops on Amazon November 1, 2018 * Based on this blog!!

Susie Norris, Food Market Gypsy, A Baker's Passport, recipes, baking recipes, food blog, cooking, cookbooks, culinary travel



dias cookiesDSC_0642DSC_060010633384_10152910242073556_8918882497264317529_o

susie norris, food blogs, sugar cookies, pate sucre, cookbooks

Snowflake Sugar Cookies





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