Cocoa Cookies in Pasadena

At the 10th Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, many chocolate configurations were on display: bon bons, chocolate vinegar, chocolate sauces, chocolate wine, chocolate: pure, bitter, sweet.  My own little table in this chocolate universe included books & this blog, a plate of Cocoa Cookies with Chocolate Buttercream as samplers, and Scandinavian Salt & Pepper Cookies to serve as a palate cleanser for those creatures who went into chocolate overload.  Need more chocolate in your life? Here is the next Chocolate Salon in San Francisco.  And here’s a gift guide from Forbes featuring a few fellow vendors.  Want to talk more about cookies? Read on.

Susie Norris, Food Market Gypsy, Chocolate Salon, Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, chocolate, recipes

Award-winner Valenza


Susie Norris, LA Chocolate Salon, chocolate bliss, cookies, Food Market Gypsysalon-medals

Some chocolates in white silk backgrounds

Susie Norris, Food Market Gypsy, cocoa cookies, chocolate, food blogs, chocolate recipes, chocolate salon



As we discussed at this event, every cookie tells a story.  We’re looking for your cookie stories & recipes to feature on this blog as part of the big cookie story & upcoming cookbook.  Just post a story, recipe, question here and we’ll get discussing it. Chocolate/cookie/dessert lovers, unite!



IMG_3636 Susie Norris, Food Market Gypsy, chocolate cookies, recipes, cookbooks

chocolate bliss, susie norris, food market gypsy, food blog, recipes, chocolate cocoa cookies



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